Pictures & Videos for Heist and High













The Smoking Mace Can




Anthony in his 20/20 interview





GMA's Gio Benitez and Anthony Curcio 6-13





Anthony and wife Emily, 1/22/12, FCI Coleman, Florida reunited after release from the hole.





Anthony's arrest photo, 2009





Aerial photo of Anthony's Brink's robbery





Monroe Police Department Detective Tim Buzzell coming after Anthony





Monroe HS sophomore wide receiver Anthony





High School sweethearts, Anthony and Emily, 1999



Authors Anthony Curcio & Dane Batty




Anthony completing his sentence at FCI Coleman, Florida






Anthony's living quarters in the SHU in prison





Anthony's planned escape route for the Brink's armored car robbery





Anthony's drawing of the Brink's armored car specifications





Anthony's final robbery, he robbed the Brink's and it robbed many people of their "Life"

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