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Nish Publishing Company in Hillsboro, Oregon,is an independent book publisher started in 2008. Nish Publishing specializes in biographies and non-fiction, and our goal is to tell true stories that change the world.


Nish Publishing Company

P.O. Box 91630

Portland, OR 97291

info at nishpublishing dot com



Subsidiary Rights - all film rights for Wanted are currently available for option as of 4/23/14.



Information regarding Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber:


If you want to write directly to Les Rogge in prison you can send a letter to him here:


Leslie Rogge 13915-004

FCI Sheridan

PO Box 5000

Sheridan, OR 97378-5000


If you want to throw Les some cash for commissary, here’s how:

Les’s inmate number is 13915-004, and he’s in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (facility category)


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