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Heist and High

By Anthony Curcio and Dane Batty



Book Description:

The media called him “D.B. Tuber” and the “Craigslist Robber.” They said the heist was like “The Thomas Crown Affair” and the robber was “a modern day Robin Hood stealing from the rich.” He was the talk of the town and even national media.


The detective who caught him said the robbery had “all the preparation of a top-notch heist by an experienced criminal.”


Anthony Curcio got away with over $400,000 and went to Vegas. . . then got caught and put in prison. But how did an all-American high school football star, a kid with a sure shot at being an all-star college wide receiver, and maybe even fulfilling his dream of going to the NFL, end up robbing a Brink’s armored truck?


Prescription painkillers.


”Prescription drug users are your judges, your police officers, your professional athletes, your bosses, your coworkers, entertainers, your pastor, his wife, your wife, your kid’s school teacher. . . and even you.”

In 2000, an estimated 2 million Americans over the age of twelve used prescription pain relievers for the first time, up from 400,000 in the mid-1980s. In 2001, an estimated 11.1 million people used prescription drugs non-medically, and more than 6 million abused pain relievers.—Center for Problem-Oriented Policing


When asked if he had statistics on prescription drug abuse in the country, David Holtz, founder of Drug Rehab That Works in Florida, stated, “I do not have exact statistics, and I think that it would be impossible to get real stats because so many people are unaware of what a drug really is. What I mean is there is an illusion, or really delusion, that if a drug is prescribed by a doctor it is not a drug.


Heist & High is the story of Anthony’s descent from a life full of promise into the hell of prescription drug addiction and the need to do anything—even rob an armored truck- for what he thought would be that one last fix.


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