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A guy launched an app after his startup was collapsed

A guy launched a startup but due to internet ban (2019 - Kashmir, India) and then Covid (2019-2020) his startup collapsed and he lost all hard earned money but he didn’t lose hope.

Now he have come up with a game called “connect words”. It’s created by him. It helps everyone to enhance vocabulary, IQ and focus.

It’s available on Google play store. Below is a link to install it

He says ” Many friends of mine are messaging me, how my game is benefiting them and their kids, family, friends by increasing their vocabulary and learning new words through fun way. I am happy that our android app game “connect words ” is helping other to learn English, new words as well as helps in IQ and focus. Link of a game is given in comment box. Try it once, then let me know how can i improve it.

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